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  • Via Marie Curie 19 - Ozzano dell'Emilia (BO)
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    MACFUGE- vertical axis centrifugal separators

Macfuge - reliable solutions for inspired results

with you since 1987

Servizi Industriali Srl with his brand MACFUGE since 1987 designs and manufactures vertical axis' centrifugal separators, to purify and separate fluids in the following sectors: industrial, food & beverage, marine & offshore, power generation, chemical & pharma.
We always fulfil the needs of our customers and we are constantly working to provide high quality and efficient MACFUGE products, in compliance with safety and environmental protection current Standards. 
Precision, speed and strength are the features that distinguish us and make our products uniques.

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  • Via Marie Curie 19, 40064
    Ozzano dell'Emilia (BO).
  • Tel. : (+39) 051 795 080
  • Fax : (+39) 051 799 337
  • Email : macfuge@macfuge.com

Together with you since 1987

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