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About us

About us

About us

SERVIZI INDUSTRIALI SRL was founded in 1987 and is located in the heart of Emilia Romagna (ITALY), between Packaging Valley and Motor Valley. 

In this area where the mechanical excellence was born, we design and build MACFUGE disc centrifuges since 1987.

MACFUGE products was born from the mix of know-how, innovation, customization to meet all the unique design requirements.
Flexibility and 100% Made in Italy are a guarantee of top quality and reliability.

Thanks to an experience of over 40 years, MACFUGE provides high-tech fluid separation and clarification solutions in the main industrial sectors.
MACFUGE means advanced technology thanks to growing development, continuous improvement and daily research. Also committed to a search for environmental safe solutions that promote an eco-friendly sustainable development.

1. Customized solutions
Our engineering department, research and study solutions necessary to ensure optimal performance of our machines in our customers' production facilities.
2. ON time and effective technical service
The MACFUGE After-Sales Department offers an efficient service to customers, for any maintenance problem on our machines. Guarantees rapid delivery of spare parts.
3. Excellent quality-price ratio
The MACFUGE separator manufacture philosophy provides smart solutions with an excellent ratio between price and quality and very competitive price.
4. Worldwide references
Our list of references boasts the names of many companies recognized worldwide in various industrial sectors
5. Commitment
All MACFUGE machines are designed and built in our facility in Italy.
Raw materials, components and embedded elements come from reputable suppliers, CE marks and / or brands that comply with US regulations.
SERVIZI INDUSTRIALI SRL does not accept any kind of material or service from countries with governments and policies that do not guarantee human rights, protection of people and the environment.
The MACFUGE brand guarantees the traceability of 100% of all the elements manufactured and incorporated in its products from the beginning to the end of the production program.

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